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Exterior Waterproofing
(Best Option)

The "Cadillac" of waterproofing! We expose the wall to the base, apply 3 waterproof sealants to ALL wall underground surfaces, and install a new footer drainage pipe system to collect and keep all water outside the basement, as it was intended. Both your walls and your floors are guaranteed to stay dry.

When was the last time you looked closely at your walls?

Waterproofing is something you only need to do once, so do it the correct way. We include a FREE lifetime warranty with every system

Just ask any of our customers, and you will see why we are the Valley's leading choice in basement waterproofing!

"Our system is often copied, but never equaled" —Craig E. Callow Sr.

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How old are your footer pipes? Clay tiles were used from 1940-1970's, and become plugged with dirt sediment, which shuts down your foundation drainage and starts leakage.

Callow basement Waterproof

Callow Waterproof

Why wait until your foundation wall decays this bad ? Water can cause serious damage....

Ten Benefits to Choosing Callow to Waterproof the Exterior of Your Home

In addition to a dry basement, you’ll have more benefits:

  • All cracks inside and outside are repaired, stabilizing wall(s), and multiple sealants are applied to the entire underground wall surface.
  • No water gets inside the “hollow blocks.” No water = no mold growth. * \If water continues to pass through the blocks (such as the interior method may allow), mold will continue to grow on the inside of the blocks, out of sight, and will spread.
  • Clay soil pressure against the wall which causes pushing and cracking is hauled away and replaced with a lighter gravel material to eliminate pressure.
  • No unsightly cement plastering, costly remodeling of your finished basement walls, busting of the basement floor or filling the house with dust and debris.
  • Deterioration, dampness, decay, paint discoloration, musty odors, and unhealthy airborne spores are minimized.
  • Your basement will be warmer with the new sealants and can help reduce heat loss.
  • Appraisal value is maintained and can be INCREASED. Your basement appearance is “unchanged.” It doesn’t concern potential buyers.
  • No moisture in blocks = wall paint will last longer, no black discoloration, no smell of trapped water or increased health concerns.
  • We do not drill holes in the blocks to “invite” the outside water to come inside your basement which may lead to other dampness issues.You have thoroughly addressed all concerns.

Why Purchase the Correct System?

An Austintown customer hired us to waterproof her basement on the OUTSIDE. Why? She had an interior company waterproof the inside years before, then completely remodeled the basement with drywall and carpet. The problem was that the mold continued to grow in the block and behind the drywall. Problems like this require OUR EXTERIOR SYSTEM. You can decide which is best for your home. Keep the water on the outside, as it was intended when the home was built, or invite it in the walls and under the floor.

Interior Waterproofing (Second Best)

Sub-Floor Drainage System

When there is no access to dig along the wall you are having trouble with (attached garage or large deck), we can install an inside sub-floor drainage system which may be your only choice. This system will collect water after it’s already inside your blocks, and keep it from building up and running over your floor. (All interior systems advertised, generally function similarly.) Our "no plaster" interior system is guaranteed to collect water in the wall and under the floor, keeping your basement floor dry. It allows you to attach fixtures to your wall, monitor for mold growth, maintain the original appearance, and won't "scare away" a potential buyer.

Callow Waterproof

The first company in the area to develop, install, and guarantee an EXTERIOR SYSTEM that not only keeps your basement dry; it also prevents further water damage. Owner Craig Callow Sr. works with the crew to ensure a QUALITY installation. WE ARE OPEN YEAR-ROUND for whenever your need may arise!

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