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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Callow Waterproof Inc. service my home?

Callow Waterproof Inc. services the following areas:

Trumbull County- Bazetta, Howland, Masury, Vienna, Brookfield, Hubbard, McDonald, Warren, Champion, Levittsburg, Mineral Ridge, Weathersfield, Cortland, Liberty, Newton Falls, Girard, Lordstown, Niles

Mahoning County- Austintown, Campbell, Craig Beach, Poland, Berlin Center, Canfield, Lowellville, Struthers, Boardman, Coitsville, North Jackson, Youngstown

I have never had leakage before. Why now?

Leakage occurs over age with all homes, depending on how well the walls were waterproofed underground, and whether the footer drain pipes are working properly.

What is the difference between outside and inside systems?

Outside or Exterior Systems include applying several sealants on all wall surface underground to prevent water BEFORE getting inside the blocks, and replacing plugged or broken "footer pipes" at the base, that have the job of draining all water away. (all cracks and points of entry are repaired) Inside waterproofing is a means of draining the water AFTER it gets inside the walls & under the floor, redirecting to a floor drain or sump crock. Water continues to get into the walls from cracks and openings found on the outside wall surface, once inside, the water is being directed out of eye-site.

Which system maintains my home's appearance?

Our outside system includes replanting shrubs and restoring any lawn disturbed. Once it grows back, it will be hard to tell we were even there. Inside systems disrupt wall coverings such as paneling and drywall as well as floor coverings like tile, wood flooring, and carpets. Interior systems sometimes have a plaster that can not be covered or have any fixtures applied for fear of cracking. It also may affect what you want to do in the future with your basement.

Can waterproofing be done anytime?

Yes, we waterproof homes all year long.

Is either system tax deductible?

Yes, many of our customers can get a tax credit for having an outside system installed

Is it true that the OUTSIDE SYSTEM is better?

Yes, we believe that there is nothing better than exposing all the wall surfaces underground, so all cracks, holes, openings, and deteriorated wall sections can be repaired properly. The outside system also allows for replacing the CLAY DIRT pushing with gravel of a lighter weight, reducing pressure.

Some companies offer systems that require pipes both inside the basement and outside, is that necessary?

No, when the home was built it had an outside system protecting the walls & pipes to drain all rain water that may accrue away, keeping the home dry. IF you have an all new exterior system redone, you do not need a secondary backup system, which inflates the job costs. Although two systems may sound better to you, it may result in un-necessary damage to the inside of your home furnishings. Our customers choose one or the other.

Is there a fee for the lifetime guarantee?

No, our guarantee is free and included in every waterproof job. It may be transferred to new owner.

Is Callow A Franchise or Limited Business?

No, Callow is now a 3rd generation, locally owned, and operated business since 1951

Can waterproofing make my basement feel warmer?

Yes, our exterior systems seals all cracks and holes, reducing cold air in and warm air out.

Will my yard be repaired?

Yes, we will fine grade, apply topsoil and reseed any grass we damage, and replant any shrubs you request to be saved.

Is it better to have my system installed during summer or winter?

It doesn't matter. It is beneficial both times of the year. The same quality job can be done in any of the seasons. If done in fall or winter, you don't have to deal with the spring leakage or snowmelt and know no further damage will occur with the ground freezing. We can install the complete system and return in the spring to repair the grass. Some people want the tax deduction, take advantage of year-end discounts, or may not want their lawn/flowers disturbed during the summer. Other factors can be the extent of damage, such as carpet, paneling, drywall & moldy environments....thus needing the work done ASAP.

Are Callow's employees covered by State Workers Compensation?


Will Callow waterproof only one or two walls if that's all I need?

Yes, we don't sell you on the idea that you must do the entire house unless that's what you want, and can prepare a quote based on your budget.

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