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Underground Repairs

Sewer Lines Repaired or Replaced

We are licensed and bonded in Trumbull and Mahoning counties to repair, replace, or install sanitary sewer lines. You may need your sewer lines replaced or repaired if you have broken or offset pipes, root infested pipes, sunken pipes, or just pipes that require drain cleaning too often. This repair will help prevent unsanitary sewer water backup.

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Water Service Lines

We are licensed and bonded to repair, replace, or install both PVC and copper supply lines from the street to the house.

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Underground Downspout Lines

We install both 4-inch and 6-inch heavy-duty solid wall piping to conduct roof water away from the structure. Some water problems in your basement can be caused by faulty underground downspouts, which can discharge excessive water against your foundation.

downspout lines

Yard Drainage Systems

At Callow Waterproof, Inc., we install and design drainage systems to collect standing water in your yard to help protect your foundation and make your lawn more usable.

how do I get my yard to stop flooding?

Sump-Pump Systems

We install sub-floor sump systems which serve to collect water accumulating under concrete floors and discharge footer drain water that cannot be handled by your sewer system.

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Automatic and combination sewer valves

We install both automatic and manual sewer valves. The purpose of the valve is to prevent sewage water from reverting up your plumbing and entering your basement.

combination sewer valves

Video Inspections

We now offer video inspections! Now you can see and locate problems in a sewer pipe or downspout before we dig!

video inspecations are no mess

Callow Waterproof

The first company in the area to develop, install, and guarantee an EXTERIOR SYSTEM that not only keeps your basement dry; it also prevents further water damage. Owner Craig Callow Sr. works with the crew to ensure a QUALITY installation. WE ARE OPEN YEAR-ROUND for whenever your need may arise!

Callow Waterproof inc.

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Phone: (330) 544-4280

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